Leah Terbush

Stylist at Salon

Leah attended beauty school on Long Island, NY graduating in 2006. During her high school career she took on multiple salon occupations ranging from shampoo to personal assistant starting at age 15. Amidst her beauty school time she as a member in Skills USA; competing in multiple hair competitions. Over the last 8 years, Leah has grown a strong passion for delivering an unforgettable customer experience, as well as a deep love for her craft.

Since working at Jessica Todd the last two years; she has been introduced to Balayage; A French technique of highlighting. Leah draws inspiration from every client individually. Taking into consideration how their hair moves; how light hits the curvature of their layers, to their eye and skin color. From bright sandy blondes to sun-kissed brunettes; each client is her personal piece of art work with tailored and carefully placed hand painted highlights. Leah is currently taking her career to a greater level and is on a path of becoming a certified Loreal Professional Balayage artist. This extensive education which will be completed with hands-on training at the academy in Soho NYC over a years time; taught by National experts in Balayage: Including Jessica Todd herself.

Becoming a member of this salon and working so closely under such experts has introduced me to so many things that have only fueled my flame in becoming the best I can be for my clients, myself, and this industry.” – Leah Terbush

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