Kelsey Wilson

Educator, Stylist at Salon

Has been a licensed stylist since 2009. Having joined the team at Jessica Todd in 2013, she spent an extensive period of time as apprentice, studying closely with both Jessica Todd, and fellow master stylist Sherry MacDonald. An experience which she says has revealed to her not only the importance of continuing education, but also the endless possibilities the fashion industry has to offer.

Kelsey’s specialty is in haircutting. She has a strong passion for form, shape, and tailoring her work to each client. She prides herself on her versatility in style; being comfortable in both classic shapes and styles, as well as edgy, creative, avant garde looks. As much as hairstyling is believed to be a woman’s world, she also is passionate about men’s grooming, and loves creating classic or relaxed looks for her dapper dudes as well.

She focus on the importance of communication, listening and understanding the wants and needs of her clients; respecting the hairs natural texture and integrity; and the focus and enhancement of their natural features.

Kelsey is committed to gifting each of her clients a customized look that fits their lifestyle, and allows them to feel powerful, confident, and comfortable in their own skin.

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