Jenn Stevens

Jennifer Stevens


Jenn. Stylist + plant lover and can sew just about anything.

There are so many reasons to love this industry and the career that I’ve chosen. The obvious being that I’m able to help enhance someone’s self expression and beauty, and see their soul shine through their experience with their hair. But what really fills my cup each day is human connection. I get to listen and learn from every guest that sits in my chair. I have the privilege to watch how their lives change over the years, how their interests evolve, and even get to hear what they want to have for lunch. My favorite part is when I’m asked for suggestions! I love recommending a new or favorite restaurant, an instagram account they may enjoy, or another guest that they may benefit from connecting with. It makes my soul happy when I get to connect people, places and things in our community all while enhancing the hair and spirit of every guest.

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